Refinery Business

Palm Oil Refinery

The palm oil refinery is managed and owned by Assar Refinery Services Sdn Bhd (ARSSB), a joint venture Company of Senari Synergy Sdn Bhd and Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (SALCRA). It is located within the SSIC which is approximately 200 meters away from the port facilities. The Palm Oil Refinery Kuching was developed to serve the growing needs of the palm oil millers from across Southern Region of Sarawak and the nearby Kalimantan Hinterland.

Our integrated palm oil refinery complex is located within the SSIC, comprising of refinery fractionation, kernel crushing plant and bulking installation. The refinery consisted of 23 storage tanks to store products of:

  • Crude Palm Oil (CPO)
  • Refined Bleached Deodorised Palm Oil (RBDPO)
  • Refined Bleached Deodorised Palm Olein (RBDPL)
  • Refined Bleached Deodorised Palm Stearin (RBDPS)
  • Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD)
  • Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO)

Our refinery complex is certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, Halal Certification and Kosher Certification