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10 December 2019

10th December 2019 – Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC) in collaboration with Senari Synergy Group Companies today launched its inaugural Productivity Day 2019 at Senari Synergy Industrial Complex. The launching was officiated by Yang Berhormat Dr. Haji Hazland, ADUN N.5 Demak Laut, accompanied by Yang Berbahagia Datuk Abang Haji Abdul Karim, Board of Director of MPC, Yang Berusaha Tuan Haji Jefri Ahmad Tambi, Group Managing Director of Senari Synergy Sdn Bhd, Yang Berusaha Hajah Sarimah, Director of Malaysian Productivity Corporation, Wilayah Sarawak.

Invited guests including the participants of Chief Minister Industry Excellence Award (CMIEA) 2019, representatives from Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), related Government agencies, business partners, exhibitors from various agencies and staff both from MPC and Senari Synergy were present at the event.

With the theme ‘Industri Pemandu Produktiviti Negara’ the program is aim at expanding the concept of business excellence with the objective of driving the growth of outstanding organizations from various economic sectors as well as to create a competitive community of business organizations in Sarawak.

Haji Jefri thank MPC for choosing Senari Synergy as the host for this year Productivity Day. In hosting the event Senari Synergy also shared its transformation experience with the industry player. “The selection of Senari Synergy as the host for this event is indeed an honour for all of us as it reflects MPC confident and endorsement towards the productivity improvement and initiative that we have undertaken so far”, he added.

Since the launched of it transformation blueprint in 2016 Senari Synergy Group has been awarded with numerous awards which include Chief Minister Industry Excellence Award (CMIEA) in 2017 and 2019, Best Joint Venture Terminal (Gate to Gate) by SHELL Malaysia, Convention Team Excellence 2017 by MPC , SME100 Fast Moving Company by Entrepreneurship Magazine, High Productivity Enterprice (HPE) by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and Fastest Growing SME Investment Company in Oil & Gas by International Finance.

While a lot of effort has been taken in improving Senari Synergy operational efficiency and effectiveness, moving forward Senari Synergy Group is gearing itself in getting its infrastructure ready in anticipation of potential influx of goods and products from Kalimantan arising from the shifting of Indonesian Capital to Kalimantan. In this regards Senari Synergy needs government assistance in expanding the road leading to Senari Synergy Industrial Complex, setting up proper Fire & Rescue Stations within the vicinity Senari Synergy Industrial Complex and improving the water pressure in the area, “he said”.

YB Dr Haji Hazlan congratulates the management and staff under the leadership of Tuan Haji Jefri Ahmad Tambi for the significant improvement within Senari Synergy Group under its transformation blueprint.

“Senari Synergy Industrial Complex Facility needs to be robust as it serve as a focal point ensuring the supply of fuel and gas covering 45% and 65% of Sarawak are not effected” he said.

“To this I would like to thank all the Senari Synergy Group staffs for their effort and their proactive initiative in pursuing business excellence” he added.