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Thumbs Up from the Minister for the Inaugural of Senari Synergy Group Safety Day 2019 and IOTM 7 Million Manhours with Zero Lost Time Injury
24 July 2019

Mark another new milestone for Senari Synergy Group of Companies for launching their first health and safety day. The ceremony was officiated by Yang Berhormat Dato Sri Dr. Stephen Rundi Utom, the Minister of Utilities, accompanied by Senari Synergy’s Chairman, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Bujang Mohd Nor, Senari Synergy Group Managing Director, Haji Jefri Ahmad Tambi, and witnessed by YB Encik Malcom Mussen Anak Lamoh, YB Dr Haji Hazland Bin Abang Hipni, Director of the Related State Agencies, business partner, Ketua-ketua Kampung and staffs of Senari Synergy.

Senari Synergy under its transformation blueprint aspire be the state flagship for the provision independent oil and gas facilities for all the major industry players. Motivated and disciplined workforce has been identified as one of the key enablers to achieve their vision.

In his launching speech, YB Dato Sri Dr. Stephen Rundi Utom congratulates Senari Synergy Group for its achievement, “The seven million hours without lost time injury in the case of IOTM speak volume of this effort. Indeed only a few companies in Malaysia has been able to achieve this.”

YB Dato Sri Dr. Stephen Rundi Utom mentioned that health and safety is important for every industrial sector, but particularly so for the related oil and gas industry where the potential for a major accident is ever present. As a result, effective and persistently focused management of process safety is a basic and core value for the industry. YB Dato Sri Dr. Stephen Rundi Utom also emphasise in his speech on the importance of safety managers and supervisors to identify and communicate recommended safety controls and hazards that exist on each work site.

Senari Synery Group focus on safety as part of its corporate culture reflects how Senari Synergy value their employees’ health and wellness. “Employees are the most valuable asset any organization has – there is no question of that. Staff members make the products, represent the brand, offer the services and fuel success. If those employees do not operate in a safe environment, financial effects could become apparent,” said YB Dato Sri Dr. Stephen Rundi Utom.

Haji Jefri Ahmad Tambi, Group Managing Director in his welcoming speech said, “In its effort to rejuvenate and inspire it workforce, Senari Synergy took a holistic approach of Human Capital Development including benchmarking and reviewing it compensation and benefits, undertake aggressive training and upskilling initiative, promoting condusive working environment by adopting 5s and getting all the relevant ISO Certification”.

“Over the last three years Senari Synergy has introduced proactive programmes like Fit@Synergy, Tranquility@Synergy and Change@Synergy as part of its Human Capital transformation initiative, across the group. Not forgetting, the continuous assimilation of uncompromising integrity, exceptional performance and mutual respect as Senari Synergy Group new core values which are the essence of the group’s identity” he added.

Through this effort Senari Synergy has been accorded with various awards including among others Chief Minister Industry Excellence Award, SME100 fast growing company, High Productivity Enterprise (By Miti), Best JV Terminal by Shell and Productivity Champion over the last three years.

“In Senari Synergy we recognize that safe and healthy workplace will create healthy workers, increase productivity, contribute towards sustainable development and create positive image for the organisation. Hence in our effort the further strengthen our resolve on safety and health we are launching six (6) goal zero to our all group of companies” he further added.

Six goal zero aims at achieving the following:-

  1. Zero Lost Time Injury
  2. Zero Fatality
  3. Zero Total Recordable case
  4. Zero security related incident
  5. Zero environmental spillage
  6. Zero mandatory rules violation

“I would like to urge all of you to actively participate in securing a safe and healthy working environment through a safety culture of SIX GOAL ZERO. I hope and I am confident that one day Senari Synergy will be the fore front in propagating Healthy and Safety initiative in the country,” YB Dato Sri Dr. Stephen Rundi Utom concludes in speech.

From left: YB Dr Hj Hazland, YB Malcom Musen, YB Dato Sri Stephen Rundi, YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Bujang Mohd Nor, Haji Jefri Ahmad Tambi